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Activate "Glide" was created by Kalki
Hi, first of all: Thanks for this game!!!
I awaited it, I was one of the first to download it, I played it through several times and it blew my mind! :D
[I'm still fascinated *.*]

I'm about to play it again and wondered if I can personalize it somehow.
I always wondered, why only two fighters in space have the ability to glide and what it would feel like to do the same with for example a Hellcat.

I checked this forum for some modding advice and tried it out, but...
...I don't get it! As far as I know, there are several possibilities:
(1) I can change the tbl (in this case hermescore->ships.tbl) through adding the line "$Glide: YES" for certain ships
(1A) I can extract the tbl-file out of the vp-file, edit it, delete the original one within the vp-file and import the edited one
(1B) I can extract the tbl-file, edit it and put the edited version into the folder data (or data/tables?)
(2) I can create a tbm-file with additional information that overlays the original tbl-file, this tbm-file should be placed into the data-folder as well

I tried it out, but it doesn't work. Where is my mistake?
(1A) the edited file will be added correctly into the vp-file, but after starting and closing the game, the original version appears in the vp-file
(1B) seems to have no effect, I tried both directions "data" and "data/tables"
(2) I have to admit, I'm not sure how to name the tbm-file correctly because I want to change the glide-option for all ships, I tried it several times but it had no effect either

Additional Information:
For extraction/importation I use VPmage, for editing I use the txt-Editor.
I use the released patch and the german mod for this game.
The mod includes an own hermescore->ships.tbl.
And I'm not sure, if I use VPmage correctly... O.o

My questions:
Is the changed line correct? Is it even possible to change the glide-option for several fighters, or does the change include more work on different files? Can someone find a mistake in the procedure as I described it? What's the easiest and fastest way to implement the intended change? Pleeeease, help me!!! :)
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5 years 2 months ago #10153 by Kalki
Replied by Kalki on topic Activate "Glide"
Fun fact: I tried it several days without success, wrote this novel above, had an idea and tried it again: it works!!! :D

For those who are interested:
If you are using the german mod, you have to create new folders within the mod-folder: mods/TDD_Deutsch/data/tables.
If you place the modified tbl there, it should work with activated mod...
...that simple... xD

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