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  • What is Wing Commander? +

    The computer game which supplies the background world in which Wing Commander Saga is set is the all-time bestseller. We believe that familiarity with either one of the games or one of the novels will intensify enjoyment of the game.
  • Who is the enemy in Wing Commander Saga? +

    In Saga, like most other WC games you will fight the Kilrathi, an alien race feline in appearence and deadly in combat.
  • In which timeframe will WCSaga be set? +

    WCS takes place at the same time as WC3 and concludes with the end of the decades long Terran-Kilrathi War.
  • What can we expect from Wing Commander Saga? +

    The game will hopefully feature a whole heap of new things and a dynamic, believable story and much more. More specific information can be found in their relevant sections.
  • What ships will I see in Saga? +

    Mostly ships from WC3, though a few older ships from the earlier games are still in service.
  • Will Saga have developed wingman characters? +

  • Some of your ship names and designations aren’t canon. What’s up with that? +

    We respect the talent and creative work of the original authors tremendously, and we certainly want to respect the canon in every way possible. We ran into a few problems in our story telling due to undefined areas in the canon, and for the purpose of our story we have made a few artistic conjectures that we fully admit are not canon. We are more than willing to change them should canon definitions ever be.
  • How is WC different from Freespace sans the setting? +

    The differences are numerous, with the most important being in flight dynamics (ships are faster, less maneuverable and have only finite afterburner fuel), weapons (generally do much more damage than in FS and are faster) and capital ship combat (CapShips are smaller, faster, more agile and don't use beams).
  • Will Wing Commander Saga be a standalone or do we need Freespace installed? +

    Both the prologue and the upcoming main-release will be 100% standalone, there is no CD or previous installed Freespace-version required.
  • Is this legal? +

    Yes, it is completely legal. The Freespace 2 engine’s source code has been released to the public sector, and Wing Commander Saga uses a modified and enhanced version of it. We have made every effort to ensure that all aspects of this mod are completely legal.
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