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Wing Commander is a classic gaming series from the 90s that has been updated by a bunch of programming enthusiasts for a new generation. The result is a breath taking 3D space shooter. Not only it is visually far better than original games, it is better than most professionally sold products on the market.

Macworld UK, March 2007

The developers have succeeded in their attempt to preserve the atmosphere of the Wing Commander series. Become part of the epic struggle between the Terrans and the feline Kilrathi. In the Wing Commander Saga Prologue, older gamers will become reminiscent of good old days and younger fans of space simulators will definitely enjoy this sequel of one of the greatest game series of all time.

Igormania, March 2007

Some pilots get cool callsigns like "Maverick," Ace," or "Duke," but "Sandman?" "Sandman?!" While it may not be the greatest callsign, it really doesn't matter, because some people would gladly call themselves "Buttercup" just to be able to pilot a starfighter and fight the Kilrathi! [...] To that we say, "Enter Sandman!"

Gamestar, August 2006

A true testament to the WC Series! Played Prologue from start to finish 2 years ago and I found I had come back home to the WC universe! Waiting with wide eyes and short breaths ( not to mention hands wanting to grip throttles and stick ) for the completion of this epic so that I may dive back in again with an Excalibur and kick some Kilrathi furry-ness all over the sector!

Richard Smith

The best use of fs2 open source engine I've experienced. Amazed at the fact that somehow you guys have managed to capture the look, feel and flavour of of the flying from WC3/4 whilst still vastly improving over the originals in every concievable way.

Joshua Vorderman

Wing Commander Saga's combat is fast paced, explosive, and deadly, and pulls you in so good that you will only stop playing when your computer melts down.

Mike Barton

No errors, no random CTDs, just pure fun and proof of why getting hit with missiles is a bad thing.

Brent Ezell

I played avidly the original WC games. Many long happy hours lost in the stories, taking myself deeply into the roles and/or the varied characters. So saddened was I when too soon did the WC games halt, way too early for me.

Then I perused the internet a few years ago, reminincing my days feeling I was that WC pilot vs the Khiralthi. And I came upon a website addy called "WC Saga". And I was hooked from the first openings of "WC Prologue". It was as if the child that played WC original had graduated to a modern stunning game. Yes their have been a few contenders to the proud WC game trophy. And the one that came closest? This games engine would be the one to bring back the greatest back...

To live again!! Captain PhoenixFyre

I love the feel of how the fighters move so much more real then origins games. I would like to see the option to control the larger capital ships in some engagements, i think it would be ether a nice game mission or a great simulator option.

Jared Colon

I absolutely love this project i downloaded the demo and was blown away with the work you've done! Even with the different game engine it still looks and feels like WING COMMANDER! Great job and please please please keep up the good work!

JonRyan McGregor

I have been waiting for years for another Wing Commander game, because their was nothing like it. I am really glad to see people trying to bring Wing Commander back to life. So i just wanted to thank you guys for making my childhood game come back to life. Please keep up the good work.

Westley Louie