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10 years 8 months ago #9046 by iviasquerade
Proxima 2-Gotta save'em all was created by iviasquerade
So,i'm having a really hard time in this'm on maybe the 40th try.I want to save both of the capship ofc,or it would have been way more easy.
I usually switch to laser only,or give all my energy to weapons so i can constantly fire everything i have without having to recharge..since i don't know if a single laser hit is enough to destroy a missile.
I tried to follow the capmissiles gliding but it doesn't work too well sadly.
I noticed my wingmans afterburn to the missiles,then stop,and go back to the ships.Why they stand so close?there's a reason?should i just wait near the ships and shot at what i can?
I'm getting the impression that these missiles are invulnerable till they get to around maybe 10k clicks from the i wrong?The hitbox seems way more friendly too at those distance,blowing some of them even if i was not really aiming perfectly (when,at higher distance,if i'm not precisely aiming i would miss them,and sometime,they not get hit anyway).
And how the defense work?you gotta shot down a certain number of missiles,or you need to shot down the right ones in that barrage?Sometime i manage to bring down even 5 or 6 of them,but a ship from the other side of the fleet get destroyed anyway..
I did manage to get past the 3rd barrage 3 times,only to get one hitted by friendly fire of my capships while trying to take down the last big fat enemy ship..most frustrating thing ever..
Hope they give you a medal or something for saving bot of them<.<
Btw,really great game.Bring backs memories from when i was ten.The chit chat the wingmans do is fun as hell too,and even if i initially hated the (really) long textual story between each chapter of the prologue (was too itchy to play the game after so many years :P ) i kinda miss it now in the new campaign..
Overall,a really great game,thanks for your hard work^^

Edit:Oh god i made it.i almost cryed when they reached the jump point.I feel like i totally deserved that bronze star T_T

For anyone having issue with this mission here a few tips:
-Use laser only when you have a missle raid,so you can spam like a madman.
-Missiles ARE invulnerable before around 10k clicks,so you have basically 15 sec or so to shot them down.
-Glide is useful if you can use it well.
-One thing you could do is to go with afterburner till reaching 1400 speed,then glide.This will keep speed capped at 1400(more or less) and save your fuel (no consumption when gliding).let the missle get past you,you can try to shot them down on the fly but as stated before,i think they're invulnerable.Do a 180° turn and start tagging the missiles,if you're good at gliding,reach cap speed with afterburner,then deactivate it and try to start gliding when you're around 1000,wich is the capmissle speed)try to keep one in lock and go trigger happy(Don't use missles tough,you'll just waste them due to invulnerability).When it start blowing up,it means you're in the 10k clicks area,go trigger happy(You can use missiles now but i'd keep them),try to shot down capmissiles even if they're not targeted,just do a swipe while you search the one you have locked on,usually you can bring some of them down,the hitbox is pretty friendly at that distance.
-In the first barrage,try to take down as many as you can.That's all.
-On the second barrage,there are 2 groups of capmissles.Using the same tactic as before,quickly eliminate 2 or 3 of them then switch to the other group on your left or right.Take down another couple and that should be enough.Even if you totally destroy a single group,the other would blow up a capship if left untouched.
-Now the fighting parts:there are capmissiles coming asa you start,but the capship usually take care of those,so don't worry too much about it.What you have to pay attention to,is that during the fight (usually when you have already taken care of the fighters) the big ships shot ANOTHER missile.You know it has done it by the torpedo sound.Seek and destroy it,or you'll most likely lose a capship.Once done that,focus on the launcher (K key to aim subsystem) matching your speed to the enemy ship one,then glide so you can take it down (just to be safe).
-3rd barrage,same tactic as before,cross your finger,toss out some missiles if you feel like it to increase the chance to save everyone,but only after you manage to destroy at last one of them (so you're sure they're not invulnerable anymore).There should be only 1 group of missiles but i'm not sure,can't remember and i will not go back to check :p
-Last fight:the enemy is out of capmissiles so don't bother going for their launchers.Take care of the enemies,then GTFO from the big ships,if you stay too close to them you'll get oneshoted by friendly fire from your capships.Stay on their tail and shoot at a safe distance if you want,but usually they can handle them on their own (well,on easy).

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