Topic-icon Has anyone beating Hyperion 4 with the 2nd objective?

6 years 4 months ago #8927 by Zookie
Has anyone beating Hyperion 4 mission with secondary objective?

I always seem to lose a cap ship at the end. If I go for the bombers a cap missile slips though. If I chase the cap ship missile the bombers always seem to get on (or they just too far apart to chase down).

Is this just a luck of the draw mission with the secondary objective where you hope for the best or is there a tactic that you can use to reliably achieve it.

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6 years 4 months ago #8934 by nickm
It's a bit of a 'cheat' but to protect the Armageddon & the strike group here is what I did-and I might add ALL the Cap ships survived without any damage-: You have to afterburn ahead, using the autoslide feature away from the fleet towards the nav point. When you travel far enough away from your own forces you will arrive in the middle of the waiting Kat strike group & your fleet will be nowhere near them. Kill all the torpedo bombers you can find. Try to survive the attention of the Kat fighters or hightail it back to The Armageddon battlegroup. When all the kats are dead, you will get the notice to autopilot to the next nav point but DON'T use autopilot. Again hit your afterburners & get your speed up to maximum & autoslide to the next waypoint; Rinse-Repeat until the mind you, you just might get shot to heck or even blown to bits but if you survive your fleet should still be intact.

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4 years 9 months ago #9667 by Polaris
I just finished Hyperion 4 Mission and I can confirm "nickm" strategy. But I just updated it in my way. Set "Auto" till I reached 3rd wave where U have to destroy that "Orbital Station" - was able to have every Cap Ship till this point in 100%...everyone. Destroyed fighters in close vicinity of the station and when I saw that it spits 4 Darkets all the time I just used "Glide" straight to the planet and watched the show where everything was blown to pieces. When the destruction of enemies was complete it told me to set auto pilot and showed the way where to go...was away from objective about 50k that time and enemies emerged shortly after but with NO "Predator" missiles from the planet. The rest was to destroy every red dot U see (I chose a cluster of enemies and destroyed everything starting with fighters). Soon my wingman's arrived and finished the job.

Difficulty: Medium
Joystick: HOTAS Saitek X52 Pro

So far I was able to finish every mission in Medium difficulty. The only thing I did not accomplish was to save the Sabres in Vega 1 - Had to choose to survive the fight with Fireclaw or save the Sabres. Right now starting Mission 42 and so far awesome game with excellent missions. 2 or 3 of them I had to finish with just 1% of health (Stalker encounter was probably the worst as I had to use Thunderbolt with HS missiles which are useless against Strakhas - Wish I can manage missiles in this point at least).

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