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In this section of the Wing Commander Saga webpage, you can find historical details about development of Wing Commander Saga.

DATE: 2011.10.06

It's been a while. We are very sorry about that, but here it is. The latest and greatest.

First off, we're hard at work on Wing Commander Saga, going through all the beta feedback we've received to make adjustments to the design. We are very excited about the positive response many testers have been giving the game. It's awesome to finally see people playing Wing Commander Saga, analyzing the content, the gameplay, the story and the characters. I think everyone has commented on the "fun factor" that the game possesses. That was our goal from day one, and we think we achieved it.

It is amazing when we look back at how far we've come. We have poured our heart into our work over the years, and the results really show. Wing Commander Saga is polished, beautiful and fun, but more importantly it has a soul, and that only comes when you have a team dedicated to the vision of what they're creating and unwilling to settle for anything less than outstanding.

Secondly, we have new media to share. I believe they are all from one environment and should offer an insight of what to expect from the space combat fights in the game. Enjoy!


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