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DATE: 2010.24.12

Happy Holidays to all of our site visitors! We hope your holiday season will be joyous and meaningful. We will see you all on the flip side with the new year.

We'd like to say thanks to all our fans out there with two small presents from us this holiday season. The first is a choice selection of screenshots showcasing the main menu of the game. For years people have been asking us to show it, and now we have. We have tried to make the main hall a compelling hub for the game that provides ambiance and atmosphere. We have tried to pay close attention to detail so that when you “step into” the main hall, you will feel the buzz and cadence of life aboard a space-borne carrier.

The second present isn’t being released today (couldn’t we all use a little help with our delayed gratification?). It will be released over the course of the next few days. But, here’s a hint: it will be of particular interest to our German fans, and no, it’s not the prologue.


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