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DATE: 2009.31.12

Wing Commander Saga team and MindCrusher Studios are proud to announce the exciting release of our first German audio book, which is loosely based on the first chapter of the Wing Commander Saga Prologue fiction.

This MCS production is read by Marco Ansing, Alessandro Alioto, Sara Kelly-Husain, Jan Boysen, Ralf "Searge" Pappers, Tabitha Hammer and Sven Matthias. These actors will also be the voice acting power behind the upcoming German version of the Wing Commander Saga Prologue. A musical score by Edward Bradshaw, Tim Janssenss and Dennis Schuster adds atmosphere to this lavish production. A great deal of care and time has been spent creating an audio book which elaborates upon the story of Wing Commander Saga. Get the MP3 file here and enjoy the story.... if you can understand German, that is. 


Creative Commons LicenseWing Commander Saga Prologue - Kapitel 1 is licenced under Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany Licence.

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