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In this section of the Wing Commander Saga webpage, you can find historical details about development of Wing Commander Saga.

DATE: 2009.20.11

Ever since the Wing Commander Saga project has been announced, there was a certain Kilrathi warship that a lot of Wing Commander fans have been literally waiting years to see. And now, that wait is over. Today, we are proud to show our version of the Kilrathi’s infamous dreadnought – the H’varkann-class.

Several of these vessels were seen in various Wing Commander 3 cutscenes. One of them, KIS H’varkann, served as Prince Thrakhath’s flagship. Another ship of the class, the KIS Vorgath, made an appearance in the False Colors novel.  

Efforts have been conducted to great lengths to make the ship large enough to live up to the size described in various game sources, but small enough in a way that is most efficient to the game design, gameplay, graphics requirements, and frame rate.

The massive and intimidating H’varkann-class dreadnought is the largest and deadliest warship in the Kilrathi fleet. Its array of heavy beam cannons and missile batteries can lay waste to entire enemy fleets, and its fighter complement is equal to that of several heavy carriers. In addition, its super heavy shielding and armor makes this battlewagon virtually invulnerable to any attack. It is no surprise that dreadnoughts are used as flagships for Kilrathi sector fleet admirals as well as Prince Thrakhath himself.


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