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DATE: 2009.03.10

This week, the Saga team will like to show off another lost concept art that was found in the official "Making of Wing Commander 3" CD-ROM.


For simplicity's sake, we intend this to be the same class of Kilrathi light carriers mentioned in the Victory Streak manual and the escort carriers mentioned in the False Colors novel. Due to the fact that there is no official class name, the Saga team has decided (for the time being) to call it the Dubav-class (a reference after one of the carriers in the False Colors novel).

This Kilrathi light carrier is specifically designed to operate behind enemy lines for prolonged periods of time. This fast, sleek, self-sufficient escort carrier is equipped with a half wing of fighters and bombers to attack Terran convoys and a loadout of Marine shuttles and bombardment missiles to mount terror raids against Confederation homeworlds and colonies. Notoriously elusive, Dubav-class carriers form the core of many Kilrathi Recon-in-Force fleets, and are normally encountered away from the main front. 


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