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DATE: 2009.10.07

For today's update we would like to showcase a Kilrathi warship that was cut from Wing Commander 3. The concept art of this ship was found in the "Making of WC3" CD-ROM that Origin released with its first official WC3 guide. 

Fralath light cruiser 

As mentioned in the artwork, this is a Kilrathi cruiser. But it's very different from the notorious Fralthi II-class cruiser from WC3, so it's assumed as a different ship class. The reasons we decided to classify this warship as a light cruiser is because not only does it fills in the gaps for a light cruiser (the Fralthi II is a heavy cruiser), the existence of a Kilrathi light cruiser is also confirmed through Page 49 of the Wing Commander 3 novel.

There is no official classname to this, and until one can be confirmed, ConFleet Intel has codenamed this warship the Fralath-class, as the name (like all the other Kilrathi cruiser names) is a derivative of the original term Fralthi.  

The Kilrathi developed this light cruiser to counter the Terran's superiority in fighter technology. Bristling with hordes of anti-fighter guns, these cruisers are normally found in defense of larger Kilrathi assets but are more then capable to serving as a raider or flagship for smaller fleet units. A Terran pilot's worst nightmare, a single Fra'lath-class cruiser can literally lay waste to entire formations of fighters and bombers.  


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