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DATE: 2009.14.05

For this week, the Saga team is proud to announce a vessel that a lot of Wing Commander 3 fans have been looking forward to see. It was a vessel that was long in the making, there were several variants and revisions to make sure that it was up to our standards. And now, we're finally ready to showcase ... the Kilrathi's Ralaxath-class destroyer.

The Kilrathi's newest and most advanced destroyer, the Ralaxath-class closes the gap created by technologically superior Terran capships. This "heavy destroyer leader" combines superior maneuverability and acceleration with enhanced firepower and armor. Initial reports show these ships serving as individual flagships for destroyer squadrons and smaller flotillas to totally replacing Ralarrad-class vessels in the traditional fleet escort role. A serious threat to capships and fighters alike, Confed pilots are warned to approach this warship with all due caution. 


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