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DATE: 2008.15.10

Greetings to all. We would like to give you some great news about the development of Wing Commander Saga.

The Wing Commander Saga main campaign will consist of 7 episodes and will have a grand total of 50 missions. We are happy to announce that as of a few days ago, all of the missions for the first 6 episodes are now "gameplay complete".

What that means is each of those missions is now completely playable. However, there is a difference between "gameplay complete" and "done". "Gameplay complete" means all the enemies, objectives, secondary goals, and so forth are in place and functional, so that you could play through the mission and the whole thing would work. To get to "done", there is some additional art that needs to be added, as well as the ever present process of polishing and refining balance.

However, we are very excited to reach the "gameplay complete" milestone on the vast majority of the missions. The game is almost completely playable, and now it is time to add the real detail work.


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